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• Each entry must detail project specification, budget, and installation regarding a single project.

• Open to projects & products completed between 1st June 2021 and 31st May 2022 

• All entries MUST be submitted online via the awardstage website

• Entries MUST include a supporting statement of up to 3000 characters (approx. 500 words) outlining the client’s brief and how you interpreted that brief. A more detailed project explanation may also be provided, but this brief summary is a specific requirement of entry.• Entries should demonstrate their success in achieving excellence for a number of key criteria. These are (in no particular order): originality and innovation; ergonomic functionality; integration with the space (including adaption of existing space design); use of materials and technology; interpretation of the client brief; and aesthetic appeal and visual impact.

• Entries MUST include itemised budget/cost details clearly showing the cost of key components of the project (and demonstrating the project’s eligibility for budget-restricted categories). Items in the costing information should include (as a minimum) the charged cost of furniture, appliances, and fittings. Where the ‘project’ has been designed as part of a larger house redevelopment, efforts should be made to demonstrate the project’s eligibility for the budget category class it has been entered for. Failure to provide cost information may result in the entry being disqualified. Note that specific budget details will not be published.


• A MINIMUM of 4 good quality photographs must be included. These should be uploaded as individual jpeg files and not embedded in Word or PDF documents. The photographs do not have to be of professional quality, but any uploaded images must be of high resolution. All entries must be accompanied by genuine photography of the completed project. CGI images cannot be accepted.

• All projects entered will be considered for possible inclusion in Designer Magazine and, so please ensure you have the client’s permission to submit the project. Please note that client name can be kept anonymous if required.

• All projects MUST be designs/installations within residential properties. Multiple unit contract projects may be submitted but the number of units and scope of the development must be explained clearly.

• All work submitted must be original and in no way copied or adapted from designs by other individuals or manufacturers.

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